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Deep clean

Revitalise Your Car with Our Deep Clean Package in Blackpool

Are you seeking the ultimate treatment for your vehicle in Blackpool? Our deep-clean package at SRP Valeting and Detailing offers a transformative spa day for your car, unlike any standard valet service you've experienced before.

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Bringing Back the Shine

Beginning with the exterior, our approach covers every inch of your vehicle. We initiate the process by targeting the wheels, arches, and faces with specialised chemicals, eradicating deeply embedded dirt. Employing a 2-bucket safe wash method, we reach intricate gaps and handles, ensuring a thorough cleanse. Next, a full liquid decontamination process eliminates contaminants, followed by a careful drying session. We seal the deal with a 3-month ceramic sealant, providing long-lasting protection for your car's pristine exterior.
Moving inside, we delve into a comprehensive interior cleansing. Our professional steam cleaning tackles mats, seats, and leather, effectively degreasing and sanitising all areas. Following this, extraction removes debris and dust, ensuring a pristine interior. Glass surfaces receive a thorough cleaning, a fresh deodo
rization, and a coating for a spotless finish.

Mobile Car Valet in Blackpool

Skip the queues and the commute; we come to you. Whether it's at your home or workplace, our mobile car valet service in Blackpool is a hassle-free solution for your car's grooming needs. We offer professional-grade detailing and deep cleaning at your preferred location. With our commitment to quality and convenience, your vehicle receives the care it needs without interrupting your schedule.

Our service isn't just about a superficial clean; it's a deep dive into the restoration of your vehicle's prime condition. Here’s a glimpse of what's included:

  • Thorough wheel, tyre, and arch cleaning with dedicated chemicals

  • C

    leaning of door shuts to remove grease and dirt
  • Dual pre-washing stages utilising different chemicals and snow foams
  • Two-bucket-safe contact wash with attention to detail
  • Complete liquid decontamination process to eliminate embedded residues
  • Final rinse and delicate towel drying using plush microfiber towels
  • Application of a 3-month ceramic sealant for lasting protection
  • Comprehensive interior blow out with compressed air
  • Detailed interior vacuuming, and steam cleaning for a pristine finish
  • Glass cleaning with exterior glass receiving a water repellent coating; tyre shine application

Why Choose Our Deep Clean Service?

Our deep cleaning service takes around 4 hours and is the ideal choice for both new car buyers and those preparing to sell their vehicles. It's our best-selling package, catering perfectly to our customers' needs.
Experience the difference with SRP Valeting's deep-clean service in Blackpool today!

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Price starts from £100 

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