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The Detailed Safe Wash

For those who don't want their interior cleaning and would just prefer to have the outside deep cleaned. In essence this package is an exterior only deep clean.


Aimed to rejuvenate and restore your vehicles exterior by safely cleaning and removing contamination that's embedded into your vehicles paintwork, to restore your vehicles fresh look.

This package is also perfect for those who have a ceramic coating installed on your car.

What's included

The safe detailed wash isn't like your usual ones you see across most companies. We have built a business on detailing and it doesn't change with this package.

With the Safe Detailed Wash you will get;

  • Wheels and arches deep cleaned 

  • Pre wash chemical and snow foam prior to contact wash 

  • Intricate areas such as fuel cap, windows, door handles and door shuts cleaned 

  • 2 bucket / 2 mitt safe contact wash with a specific cleaning shampoo 

  • Full liquid decontamination to remove embedded iron particles and tar spots 

  • Final snow foam to remove residues

  • 3 month spray sealant applied 

  • Towel dried with plush microfibre towels 

  • Tyres dressed 

Price starts from £50 

90 minutes required to complete

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