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Gloss Enhancement 

The gloss enhancement will turn any vehicle into a show stopping masterpiece. Within this package we will start with our deep clean process and includes a three stage decontamination process to prep safely for machine polishing. Once we have safely prepped your car we will then move onto the machine polishing stage where we will use a light finishing compound to enhance the gloss levels, when we finish polishing your car we will then protect the vehicle with a 12 month ceramic infused wax for a long lasting shine. Moving onto the interior, your interior will get a basic spruce up to remove dust, debris and dirt.

Please note that the machine polish is a non-correction polish, if this is something you would like then please see our other packages.

What's included;


  • Engine bay deep cleaning and protection for extended engine life.

  • Cleaning of wheels, tyres, and arches using dedicated chemicals for embedded dirt removal.

  • Precise pre-wash procedures employ specific chemicals and snow foams, eradicating dirt before the contact wash.

  • Thorough cleansing of door shuts to eliminate grease and dirt accumulation.

  • 2-bucket-safe contact wash, ensuring no area is overlooked, using top-tier wash mitts.

  • Complete chemical decontamination to remove embedded iron fallout and tar spots 

  • Water spot etching removed from bodywork and glass 

  • Gentle towel drying with plush microfibre towels, preserving the paintwork's integrity.

  • Gloss enhancing machine polish 

  • A comprehensive wipe-down, eliminating residual oils.

  • Entry level ceramic wax applied with SI02 topper to provide up to 1 year protection 

  • Wheel faces protected with a dedicated wheel sealant 

  • 6 month glass sealant applied to all glass

  • Tyre shine application for a finishing touch.​


  • Blow out with compressed air to loosen all dust and debris

  • In-depth hoover (not including spare wheel area)

  • Interior wipe down with specific interior cleaner 

  • Glass cleaned 

A full interior deep clean can be added for an additional cost and will be provided at a discounted rate.

Mobile Detailing in Blackpool

Price List

Small Car - Audi A1, Ford Fiesta, BMW 1 Series

£250 + VAT 

Medium Car - BMW 4 Series, Porsche Taycan, Audi A5

£275 + VAT 

Large Car - VW T-Roc, Nissan Qashqui, Porsche Macan, RR Evoque

£300 + VAT

X - Large Car - RR Sport, Porsche Cayenne, Ford KUGA

£325 + VAT

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