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Single-Stage Correction for Flawless Car Bodywork in Blackpool

SRP Valeting & Detailing  Correct and Protect Package in Blackpool redefines automobile excellence. removing light scratches and 100% of swirls. This service not only enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle but also restores its original shine and lustre. The skilled technicians at SRP Valeting & Detailing utilise advanced techniques and high-quality products to ensure a flawless finish that will leave your car looking brand new.

Exterior Deep Clean

Before we begin machine polishing your vehicle's panels, we give them a thorough exterior deep clean to remove any contaminants. After your vehicle has dried and been inspected for paint condition, it will go through an advanced one-stage repair process that will remove swirls, minor scratches, and other flaws. To culminate, we apply a 7-year hard ceramic coating, coupled with a comprehensive warranty for lasting protection.

Prolonging Engine Life

Our attention extends beyond aesthetics; we deeply clean and safeguard your engine bay, aiming to extend its life and performance. Every inch matters, so we leave no stone unturned. From chemical deep cleans for wheels, tyres, and arches to removing grease and dirt from door shuts, our process ensures a thorough transformation.
Employing pre-wash chemical
s and snow foams, we eradicate dirt before executing a safe 2-bucket contact wash using high-quality mitts. Chemical decontamination follows, targeting embedded iron and tar deposits and preparing the surface for the subsequent clay bar treatment for both paintwork and glass.

Precision Machine Polishing

The pinnacle of our service is the single-stage correction machine polish, which removes up to 100% of swirls from the paintwork. Post-polishing, a full wipedown clears residual oils, preparing the canvas for the application of the 7-year ceramic coating.
Glass surfaces are polished and sealed
with a water-repellent sealant, while wheel faces and tyres receive dedicated treatments, leaving your vehicle not just pristine but protected for the long haul.

Get in touch for Blackpool Car Bodywork

Our commitment lies in surpassing expectations, delivering superior single-stage correction that transforms your car's appearance and longevity, and setting new standards in Blackpool's car detailing industry. Experience the difference and restore your car's brilliance with us today.

Price from £500

We will require access to a driveway so we can use our canopy or garage to complete this package.

1 Full day required to complete this package


Single stage correction
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