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Our Services



Deep Clean 

Our cheapest mobile valet that packs a serious punch. 


Enhancement Package 

The pinnacle of mobile valeting. Our detailing knowledge and skills designed and deliver this package to bring your car back to life. The inside and outside gets a complete overhaul.


Correct and Protect Package

If you're wanting to remove swirls and light scratches this mobile detail is perfect for you. You get a 7 year ceramic coating included in this package, meaning that your car will stay pristine for a very long time. 

About Me

Changing the world one car at a time.

SRP is run by me Stew Pugh. I have over 5 years' experience within the detailing industry, and I have been trained in all aspects of detailing. With the knowledge and the skills i have gained over the years, it has allowed me to make detailing a convenience, meaning that you can access detailing on your driveway, without having to leave your car in a studio for days upon end, i can enhance and correct paintwork as well as installing ceramic coatings withou the need of a studio. 

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