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Expert tips on safely washing your car

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

safely washing a car

Being a detailer we go to the far end of the scale to meticulously look after our customers cars, but sometimes you want to do it yourself (we did before starting a business) over the years we have picked up little tricks and tips we use daily that provide us top results

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Tip #1 - ALWAYS use 2 stages of pre wash to safely remove dirt before washing

use a pre wash chemical first and apply it via a pump sprayer and then use snow foam. This will remove 90% plus of dirt before you even touch the car.

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Tip #2 - Clean your wheels first

Imagine this, you have just washed your car and then you decide to clean your wheels, when scrubbing your wheels all the dirt flicks back up onto your wings, do you leave it? no you have to wash your car again. By simply cleaning your wheels first (the dirtiest part of your car) any dirt that does end up on the paintwork will be removed before your contact wash. Gives you less chance of inflicting swirls

Tip #3 - Chuck away your sponge and get a microfibre wash mitt you will safely wash your car

The detailing industry has evolved and so should you, microfibre wash mitts are SAFER for your vehicles paintwork than the sponge, why? if there is any dirt left on the vehicle when you move (in straight lines, not circles) this will move towards the inside of the mitt unlike a sponge where it stays on the surface and you scratch your paint. You also want to invest into a good PH Neutral shampoo and stop using your fairy liquid you'er damaging your paint.

Tip #4 - ALWAYS add some form of protection

never leave your nice clean car without protection, there is literally no point in even washing it if you are not adding protection. Your Sunday trip to Tesco will just undo all your hard work.


Invest into a good quality drying towel to dry your car. This will prevent water spots on your car which will eventually dull your shine and you have to then pay someone like me to machine polish them out.

These are just 5 tips we are sharing with those DIY'ers that love looking after their car.

If you want to make it easier to look after your car, contact us for a ceramic coating....IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND

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