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New Car Protection

Why its important to protect a brand new vehicle from the start.

This post is all about new car protection. Imagine you have just ordered or are going to collect your new car, it's the second biggest investment you can ever make behind your mortgage and you look after your house without a second thought. So why not do the same with your vehicle?

This is specifically aimed at brand new vehicles on the latest registration. You will get offered a "dealership protection package" and most people will think that it's great but let me let you its a complete and utter scam. This package your salesman has just forced down your throat is nothing but an extra commission sales tactic. They apply this "protection" over poorly prepared paint that doesn't even receive half of what we do to prepare your vehicle for coatings because they have X number of cars to prepare for collection in one day so they don't take the time or are bothered about it at all.

Now imagine this, you have just paid a lot of money for them to do this package on your car and its great for the first few weeks but you then start to notice the water isn't running off it the same or the water doesn't stand up on the paintwork anymore and roll off. This is because its failed its not on your paintwork anymore because the dirt that's already embedded in the paintwork has caused it not to bond...Great there goes £300 Plus and now you're stuck with a car that will get dirty and look a mess.

Im here to tell you that you are better off bringing your car straight to us for our new car protection package. We offer total exterior surface protection with a 7 year 10H ceramic coating that comes with a proven data sheet and warranty to boot as well. Yes we are more expensive than some of these packages but we are not far off the cheapest on your can find (we have researched this extensively) and at least you can rest easy knowing that we will guarantee our results.

Any reputable detailer prepares the paintwork correctly first by decontaminating your paintwork with chemicals but more importantly a clay bar, you will also receive a full professional machine polish before any coatings are applied but we also ensure that there is no residues left over with specific chemicals that remove any residues and oils left from polishing to ensure that coatings can bond CORRECTLY to your paint work.

With our new car protection package we will thoroughly deep clean your car and then we apply the coating to the bodywork, glass, wheels, brake callipers, suspension components, plastic wheel arches, exhaust tips and finally your door shuts and around the doors.

Finally we will come onto why it's important to protected the car from the start. You're reading this probably saying "it's just about what we offer and how bad dealerships are" there is a specific reason for this and it's that all important money factor. Most cars these days are purchased on finance either PCP or HP. PCP you have a ballon payment at the end of the agreement, have you ever taken a car back to swap it and when they inspect the vehicle they know money off for a scratch on the paintwork etc? this is where we come into this, because we will look after your car for you, you will never have to worry about losing money on it when you take it back because our coating is scratch resistant (life saver, I know) For those on HP or can simply afford to buy a car outright, you come to sell it on a well known car site and they ask the condition and if there is any scratches on it etc, you click yes and all of a sudden you lose hundreds if not thousands but then you change your answer to no and all of a sudden you get the full re sale value. Protecting your new car from the start ensures that you will always get the full resale value of the vehicle.

A little unknown fact for you...Some dealerships actually ask whether the car is ceramic coated (because they know its been looked after correctly)

New car protection with a ceramic coating
New Car protection

Always get a new car protection from a detailer and don't fall for those scams that dealerships offer you.

Basically what we 're saying is spend your money in the right places and look after your second biggest expense because it will always pay you back to bring it to SRP, you won't regret it.

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