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Mobile Valeting in Blackpool

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Why we're different to your usual mobile valeting companies in Blackpool.

Our mobile valeting service doesn't provide you with your bog standard valeting packages in Blackpool.

This first of all comes across as we're going to absolutely tear every other person who runs a valeting company in Blackpool apart, we're not, I am definitely not that guy, however, there's a reason as to why we're different.

Here at SRP we stand out in what is a very crowded market across the Fylde Coast, every valeting or detailing company offers a range of services from a 'detailed wash' up to 'full valets' so why would I want to blend in with that market when really you want to stand out, not just for your results but how YOU the customer see's us.

We spend hours upon hours researching the industry, products and techniques. How many companies do you know of that will search for a product's data sheet to look for exactly what it is we are using on your vehicle, we have to make sure everything we use is 100% safe.

Our deep clean is our cheapest package and in some of my customers words 'I've had full valets and nothing has come close to this' the deep clean is structured in a way that you will get the absolute best results from the package in a short amount of time. We always use industry leading techniques like agitating a fallout remover and now you're reading that going WHAT!!! ill let you into a secret, agitating a fallout remover ensures that the chemical reacts with those really embedded iron fillings in the paintwork and this negates the need to use a clay bar (damages your paintwork every single time its used) our decontamination process will cause zero damage and be more effective without the use of a clay bar. We purely use steam to clean your interior, why? because its more cost effective for us and most importantly YOU as the customer, the majority of marks in your interior don't need special chemicals to remove them, plus steam cleaning seats means you can sit on them 5 minutes later and not feel like you've just sat in a puddle. We don't use interior dressings to finish your interior, why? purely because most 'dressings' are full of silicone and why would we add a grease to an area we have just degreased and cleaned, completely defeats the objective of what were aiming for, we use a water based interior detailer to leave that fresh look.

The enhancement package is the next level when it comes to mobile valeting, forget your full valet, this is isn't one of them. This package does exactly what it says on the tin, enhances the look of your vehicle. This package is specifically designed for the outside of your vehicle, we use industry leading tools and products to achieve a result that puts most if not all valets in its class to shame. You still get a deep clean because this is the absolute minimum we will work with but you also get an engine bay detail, gloss enhancing machine polish and 1 years protection applied to your bodywork, wheels and glass. All of the protection we apply in this package is ceramic based (when I say based it means contains elements that make up a ceramic coating) but because this package is the absolute minimum you can apply a full ceramic coating with you can also choose to upgrade to this protection, which means you get a 7 year ceramic coating installed on your car without ever having to leave your house, incredible, I know.

The 7 year ceramic coating we install is a 10H true nano ceramic coating, this is the only coating on the market that comes with a proven data sheet and a warranty as well. We can apply this coating to literally every surface of your vehicle including bodywork, glass, wheels, brake callipers, leather and even your dashboard and different areas of your interior we can literally do it all with one coating, no more spending £££ on a detailers 10 different coatings for each area.

I have just spent 2 paragraphs banging on about mobile valeting, that's just 50% of our business. We are detailers at heart, this is our bread and butter, we trained as detailers, we're accredited as detailers NOT Valeters, we didn't just pick up a bucket and sponge, open YouTube and search how to wash a car and we'er certainly not just a car wash. We spent days training and learning all the different areas of detailing, we continuously train with online training and further training courses. All we did was transfer those skills into a van and add another element to the business.

Why is detailing different to valeting? from reading this post thus far you're thinking "Jesus what more can you do to a car" truth is there still is a lot of 'grey areas' when it comes to the difference but ill just simplify it for you. Detailing's main difference is the paint correction/rectification process, this means the removal of things like scratches and swirls with the use of machine polishers in combination with the use of different abrasive polishes. A decent valet will always make you think your car looks its best but then to dreaded sun hits it and all of a sudden you see all these marks in your paint. Detailing will remove these marks and leave you with a finish that when the sun hits it all you can see is a clear reflection, but don't be fooled by a 'enhancement' being passed as a correction and charge you for a correction which some companies offer and do. Yes an enhancement will remove LIGHT scratches and swirls but most vehicle these days have been through the local scratch and shine you can find on the corner that charges you a tenner for a wash, the grit and dirt that's literally embedded in their wash media causes deeper scratches and swirls that can only be removed via a correction. Our single stage or multi stage correction will remove these types of defects from your paintwork to leave you with the mirror like finish.

Mobile valeting in Blackpool
Deep Clean on a Porsche

Thanks for reading our post on mobile valeting in Blackpool and why were different, hopefully by reading this post you can see that we're different because we actually understand car care.

If you would like your car being looked after correctly then all you need to do is book an initial package by clicking the button below.

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