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Debunking the misconception of Car Care During Winter Months

Debunking common misconceptions about car care throughout winter

Before we get started lets just make it known that this is an actual conversation that we have had with potential customers on more than one occasion.


Caring for your car in winter shouldn't dip just because it will get dirty.

I bet when you read this you will have not cleaned your car since October? that's my guess anyway, unless you're like me and religiously clean my van every week.

If you're one of these people that haven't had their car cleaned this winter or haven't cleaned your own car because of the most common misconception we hear then this post will give you food for thought.

"My car will just get as dirty the day after I wash it throughout winter"

So now I'm going to debunk this winter car care misconception, I will get straight to the point. If you wash your car or have it valeted/detailed your car won't be as dirty the next day. Why is that you say? well a professional valeter or detailer will apply some form of protection to your vehicle (or should do anyway and if they don't change your valeter) this may be in the form of a sealant, wax or ceramic coating.

When you have protection applied to your clean vehicle, this will help repel the dirt and the water from away from your paintwork. If you're a DIYer grab yourself a spray sealant you can apply at the end of every wash.

What do we use? We always apply a minimum of a 3 month spray sealant but when the car is dry we then give it a going over with a ceramic based topper to ensure that everything works perfectly.

Now all I have said is use protection. Let's give you some background, so your paintwork is a porous substance and has what we call 'Hills and Valleys' your clear coat looks a lot like an orange peel under the microscope. When there isn't any protection on the paintwork dirt starts to build up in these valleys and then as time goes on it begins to stick to its self so then all the grime accumulates. This makes your car dirty.

Using protection creates a smooth barrier between the dirt and your paintwork, which means it becomes harder for the muck to stick to your paintwork. Most protection offers some form of dirt repellency and water repellency. In some cases like ceramic coatings they are self cleaning which sounds sick doesn't it?

With all this taken into account this leaves one more thing...Your car is bound to get dirty but not the day after. Adding some form of protection will keep your car cleaner for longer, but that's where maintenance comes in. Once you have done the initial clean and protect, all you have to do is maintain it from a weekly to a monthly basis and because its cleaner than washing it every 2 months plus, it means its easier for you to maintain or us if you would like us to deep clean and maintain.

So now we have debunked the common misconception of car care in winter, are you ready to have an immaculate car all year round?

Go out there and use protection, invest in a decent spray sealant or wax if you're old school. But now you're going to use the excuse of 'its too cold' that's where we come in, we work in all weathers to keep your cars pristine (we are slightly insane) but we've had customers with the same thoughts as you reading this, we've also changed peoples minds simply by showing them exactly what we mean, I've had customers message me a week later after doing hundreds of miles telling me I'm right and their car still looks immaculate.

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