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Full Days Work Package

The full days work package is an entry level detailing package that is specifically designed to enhance gloss levels through the use of machine polishers and carefully selected polishes. We carefully select a one polish, one pad combination, to remove the surface oxidation, light marring and in some cases light swirls but this type of polish is a non-correction machine polish and will only remove up to 60% of marring and other types of defects in the paintwork. 

Once we have given your car some insane gloss levels we will then move onto the interior where we will completely change the look and feel of your interior, with the use of steam, a wet vacuum and other tools that we have in our arsenal there isn't a stone left unturned or a crevice we can't get into.  

Deep Clean and Gloss Enhancement

The journey to enhancement commences with a comprehensive exterior deep clean, preparing the canvas for the subsequent gloss-enhancing machine polish. Our expert technicians wield professional-grade machine polishers to rejuvenate your car's gloss, culminating in entry-level ceramic protection for a stunning finish. As part of this package, a 12-month glass coating is also included, ensuring lasting brilliance.

Inclusions to Transform Your Car

This all-encompassing package leaves no stone unturned, covering an extensive array of exterior and interior treatments.


  • Engine bay deep cleaning and protection for extended engine life.

  • Cleaning of wheels, tyres, and arches using dedicated chemicals for embedded dirt removal.

  • Precise pre-wash procedures employ specific chemicals and snow foams, eradicating dirt before the contact wash.

  • Thorough cleansing of door shuts to eliminate grease and dirt accumulation.

  • 2-bucket-safe contact wash, ensuring no area is overlooked, using top-tier wash mitts.

  • Complete chemical and physical decontamination to banish embedded iron and tar spots.

  • Gentle towel drying with plush microfiber towels, preserving the paintwork's integrity.

  • Panel wiping in preparation for the enhancement machine polish, delivering an enhanced gloss.

  • A comprehensive wipe-down, eliminating residual oils.

  • Layer of a ceramic wax applied, protecting the paintwork for up to 1 year.

  • Tyre shine application for a finishing touch.

Interior Refinement

The interior transformation includes a full interior detail encompassing a thorough in-depth hoover, steam cleaning process to all areas as well as perfect streak free glass every time. To complete the experience, an air freshener is applied, leaving behind a rejuvenating scent.

This includes;

  • Blow out with compressed air

  • In-depth hoover including boot and spare wheel area (if applicable)

  • Air vents dusted and steam passed through to remove odours

  • Interior steam clean process including headliner

  • Full deep clean of carpets with steam 

  • Wet vacuuming fabric seats 

  • Thorough deep clean of foot mats including wet vacuum

  •  In-depth cleaning of interior glass with steam, IPA Solutions and Glass Cleaners

  •  Pet hair removed 

  •  Sand and Grit Removed

  •  Refreshing scent left behind

We bring forth an unmatched dedication to enhancing your vehicle's allure and longevity. Experience a transformative journey with our Enhancement Package, designed for your car's radiance in Blackpool. Unlock the brilliance within your vehicle, all within a comprehensive 8-hour session.

Price from £300

Mobile Detailing in Blackpool
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